Quality is the aim at Bonnie Brae …… both of mind and body.  Mares with poor conformation, known hereditary diseases or otherwise unsuitable should not be bred.  The stud reserves the right to refuse any mare believed to be unsuitable for producing quality performance/show horses.


SERVICE FEES:  Service fees are only refundable should the stallion not be available due to sale, injury or death.  Should the mare not be available a substitute mare of suitable type may be used or the service may be carried over to the immediate next season, no refund will be made outside these conditions.


AGISTMENT:       Charged inclusive of drop off and collection days.  $30.00 per day (Wet mare/foal 3 months and over)   $25.00 per day (Wet mare)      $20.00 per day (Dry mare)

Mares will be fed twice daily plus hay.  Owners may supply their own feed reducing agistment by $5.00 per day.  Mares will be yarded and may be stabled at night if requested.  Stabling incurs and extra $15.00 per night.


FEES:  Mares will be required to be agisted on the property whilst in season; further agistment will be subject to availability.   All mares testing negative or meet LFG criteria will be subject to a $150.00 handling fee for a second and third cycle and $250 for a fourth and any agreed subsequent cycle.  Service Fee payable upon arrival of mare.  Any other fees owed to the stud will be paid prior to the mare leaving the stud.  Cash or Bank Transfer only (Bank Transfer received prior to departure of mare). All fees incurred outside the stud in relation to veterinary etc., are the sole responsibility of the mare owner/agent and are payable to the service provider.   Further inquiries should be made by the mare owner/agent as to these costs.

SERVICE CERTIFICATE: A breeding certificate will be issued upon Veterinary Certification via post or email of a positive 16 day pregnancy test.

LFG:  Mare owners are advised that the term ‘Live Foal Guarantee’ does not guarantee that a live foal will be born by the mare being bred. This term entitles the mare owner to a free return service for the same mare (or one substitute mare) to the same stallion, the following year only if the mare has a 16 or 45 day negative pregnancy test or within 30 days of the foals birth or due date of birth:

  • the foal was born dead, died shortly after birth or failed to thrive; or

  • was diseased or suffered a congenital defect that necessitated its humane destruction; or

  • suffered an accident that necessitated its humane destruction; or

  • was killed by misadventure; or

  • the mare failed to deliver a foal at all.

    • The mare owner must provide proof to the satisfaction of Bonnie Brae in the form of a Veterinary Certificate certifying same

    • If such proof is not provided within 30 days, the mare owner waives the right a free return service in the next breeding season

    • The live foal guarantee is not transferable and cannot be sold on, given away or transferred by any means. In the event that the mare is sold, given away, otherwise disposed of, dies, or is exported, the terms of this live foal guarantee ceases to apply unless agreed to in writing by the Stud, prior to the sale, giving away, disposition or export of the mare

    • Bonnie Brae will provide the stallion for a maximum of 4 (four) consecutive cycles for the mare after which if the mare fails to become pregnant, the mare will be considered an unsuitable breeding candidate. The mare owner may substitute the mare for another mare for the continuation of the current breeding season or following stud season

    • NB: The LFG will become invalid for those mares being ridden after pregnancy is confirmed.  It is advised to have foetal insurance cover taken out for this purpose.  (45-day positive test required for insurance purposes)

    • Owners who prefer not to agist mares up to a 16 day pregnancy testing, do so at the mare owner’s own risk.  It is common for mares to have twin conceptions that will require one twin being removed by Veterinary attendance.  This must be performed before day 17 of pregnancy.  A LFG for mares aborting twins due to failure to pregnancy test will become invalid.



Live Cover will be at the discretion of The Stud.  Mares to be covered live will be hobbled (service hobbles) and/or twitched.  Mares unable to be served safely will be refused live cover.  No risk to the handlers, stallion or mare will be taken. 



The Mare Owner/Agent agrees to indemnify, release and hold harmless The Stud and their agents, employees and assigns, from any and all claims, demands, damages, attorney's fees and costs, obligations or liabilities of any kind, known or unknown, in any way related to the mare, the breeding or the insemination of the mare, or the foal whilst mare/foal at the Stud or being transported to or from the Stud.  By delivering Mare to Stud for Service you  accept these conditions without reserve.



Mare Owner/Agent




Stallion owner/Agent